Port Douglas Name Giving Ceremonies

“You’ve been a special gift since the day that you arrived, bringing so much happiness and filling hearts with pride. Tiny fingers and tiny toes, Cute little smile and a little button nose. Your child is someone you will cherish and shelter in your care.”

The first thing a child touches is your heart.

The birth of a new born child is celebrated with a name giving ceremony, where he/she is welcomed into the community and into the community of his/her family and friends. Is an important ceremony for the family and friends that are involved even if the infant doesn’t quite understand at the time. They are wonderful and joyous occasions to celebrate the birth of your child and acknowledge their safe arrival into the world.

It is a time when family and friends pledge their love, support, guidance and help to the child and the parents enriching relationships and experiences.

The ceremony gives formal recognition to the role of parents, brother/sisters, grandparent, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Guardian, mentors or godparents are chosen for the child by the parents and although this is no form a legal guardianship, parents choose people for these roles with the knowledge that they will share in the responsibility, care and guidance of this child.

After I speak with parents, I compose a ceremony incorporating your suggestion, ideas and wishes. I compose a personal ceremony with your pledges, requests and wishes for the child, a reflection of the individual and the family.

I also proved certificates for the child, grandparents, great-grandparents and guardians. The details are also lodged in a Name Giving Register and signatures of the parent, guardians and myself are acknowledged and kept forever in the register.