marriage celebrant for my daughters wedding

What happens when your daughter comes home and says “Mum will you marry us?”

I married my husband Peter (who is also an Authorised Marriage Celebrant) in 1983 and a few years later we were blessed with our daughter Amanda followed by our son Matthew.

I was appointed as a Marriage Celebrant by the Attorney-General’s department, Canberra in 2004 and Peter was appointed later in 2006.

Peter and I were ecstatic when Danny and Amanda announced their engagement in July 2010. They set a date for the following September 24th 2011 and soon the wedding plans were fast becoming a reality.

Throughout the planning stages, as a marriage celebrant for my daughter’s wedding, Amanda and I shared many wonderful moments together, from choosing the wedding dress, flowers and cake and the usual details that bring on a wedding fever.

In January 2011 I was delighted to marry a family member in Hobart and as a family we all travelled together to the wedding. It wasn’t until after the ceremony that Amanda told me she cried throughout the whole ceremony as it was just so truly beautiful. Both Danny and Amanda then asked me if I would do the honour of marrying them.

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I quickly said yes although some family and friends were reluctant as to how I was going to hold up throughout the ceremony. However, from the moment I was asked to marry my daughter and future son in law, I felt it was a true honour and extreme privilege.

Danny and Amanda chose a meaningful ceremony and it was delivered so beautifully – on the day there wasn’t a dry eye amongst the guests.

It was truly overwhelming seeing Peter walk Amanda down the red carpet to her future husband in which I would then go on to unite as husband and wife.

Despite being overcome with many emotions on the day, my experience and professionalism were at the forefront as I held it altogether. I didn’t cry – I saved that for later when I sat and watched the DVD in my own home a month later.

As with all weddings, the day went too fast. Before we knew it we were saying goodbye to Danny and Amanda as husband and wife. I am so thankful and feel so blessed to have had this experience and I would do it again if I had the chance. It was truly a surreal moment in time and one which I will always treasure in my memories.