Litte Cove at Rex Smeal Port Douglas

Little Cove at Rex Smeal Park

Taking pride of place alongside Rex Smeal Park, Little Cove is a hidden gem and one of my most popular wedding ceremony locations.

Unexpectedly, the seclusion and tranquility of Little Cove is not hindered by remoteness. Being close to Macrossan St, this beautiful little nook is easily accessible by guest staying in the heart of Port Douglas.

Little Cove is a much loved spot amongst locals and tourists alike and is very well known as the ideal spot to express your love for one another. Plenty of shade provides the perfect setting for your guests as they enjoy the atmosphere and stunning views.

Once you’ve concluded a a wonderfully intimate ceremony there’s no need to go too far out of your way to capture photos on your special day. Little Cove provides an exquisite backdrop and wonderful afternoon lighting to ensure you leave with an amazing set of wedding photos.

To top off the convenience of Little Cove, there are nearby amenities for your guests and a pleasant stroll to one of many different reception venues nearby. You’ll also be met with a well-protected northerly outlook, sheltered from the south-easterly winds. This little gem of a spot is most often made even more pleasant by a lovely breeze.

Easy access for both the elderly and your wedding car will ensure that a wedding ceremony at Little Cove is sure to go off without a hitch. I’ve married many couples here and would recommend it amongst my favourite destinations in the Port Douglas region.

A Little Cove wedding ceremony is about as picturesque as it gets. Absolutely stunning.