Elopements in Port Douglas

Intimate | Stress-Free | Private | Economic

Whether you’re on a budget or simply wish to have a small, stylish & stress free wedding without the great expense then an elopement maybe for you.

If the idea of escaping to a secret location with your beloved and returning home married sounds appealing then maybe this is for you. Maybe you are already planning a holiday in beautiful Port Douglas. This can invite the idea – “Let’s get married while we’re on holiday”.

Some couples are time-poor and weddings require time and effort for the big day.

Why Elope?

More common than you think, eloping is an exciting and romantic way to avoid the stresses and expense of a large wedding. Some couples find it difficult to scale down a guest list or simply are just not comfortable with an audience or declaring their for love for each other in front of a crowd.

Some would prefer to pledge their heartfelt love and feelings between themselves, the celebrant and two witness. (If you decide to hire a professional photographer, you already have one witness).

Instead you get to spend your wedding day doing it your way in a very private manner, most times just the two of you and a couple of prearranged witnesses. Elopements are a private affair where all the legalities are taken care of.

Elopements can also be fun and there is a sense of excitement and a feeling of romantic rebellion when couples elope. Often couples feel comfortable knowing that this pledge is only going to be between the two of you in their own seclusion.

All elopements are private and confidential and is up to the couple as to when they tell their families.

Of course, not all elopements are secret as sometimes couples elope with the blessings from their family only to return home to a party celebrated in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Where there is an elopement you can still incorporate traditional elements e.g. bouquet, professional photos and the white dress.

Whether your choose to include traditional elements or go for the casual relaxed affair, elopements can be fun, even in bare feet.

Please do remember all documents (Notice of Intended Marriage) must be lodged no later than 31 days prior to your wedding date so if you are planning on eloping, please keep this in mind.

Through email and phone calls, your elopement can be discreetly planned and the secret location and witnesses waiting for you for your destination wedding.